Smart LeBracs

Corrosion and abrasion resistant linings are used to provide protection to process equipment and structures made of Carbon Steel, Concrete or other subs tracts from the effects of corrosion. Process equipment made of Carbon Steel and protected with appropriate rubber lining is usually more economical than the same equipment fabricated of an alloy or more corrosion resistant metal.

Sheets are manufactured either in the Calendared process or the Extruded process in a standard thickness range of 1 mm – 10 mm. LeBracs Rubber is the only company in India with a state of the art Extruder machine, for the manufacturing of rubber sheets.

LeBracs Rubber Linings are used in multiple different fields such as:

  • Caustic & Chlor-Alkali industry
  • Water treatment & Desalination industry
  • Ore Beneficiation industry
  • Fertilizer & Phosphoric Acid industry
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