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As a result of increasing environmental protection norms and regulatory requirements in Power Sectors, the Government of India has mandated the installation of efficient and cleaner technologies in the field of Thermal Power Generation. To help adhere to these norms, Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) Plants are being installed in Power Plants to control the effects of harmful emissions on the environment.

LeBracs Rubber has a modern production line in their facility at Puducherry which produces rubber sheets for various anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive applications. LeBracs Rubber with its expertise of over 30 years has now developed Rubber sheets, made from both Natural and Synthetic Rubber for application in FGD Systems. Rubber lining provides an extremely competitive option for FGD Systems compared to other forms of anti-corrosive linings.

In a typical FGD Plant, our corrosion protection systems are as follows.

1 Absorber Bromo Butyl- 5 mm & 10 mm 60±5°Shore “A”
2 Auxiliary Absorber Tank Bromo Butyl- 5 mm 60±5°Shore “A”
3 Lime Stone Slurry Tank Chloro Butyl- 5 mm 55±5°Shore “A”
4 Other Process Tanks Chloro Butyl- 5 mm 55±5°Shore “A”
5 Re-Circulation Piping Chloro Butyl- 5 mm 55±5°Shore “A”
6 Gypsum Slurry Piping Soft Natural Rubber- 6 mm 55±5°Shore “A”
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