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Over the course of our history, the development of rubber products at LeBracs Rubber has been fueled by a fundamental desire to deliver solutions to our customer needs that are effective to increasingly arduous operating conditions. We know that every customer is unique, and hence we deliver products that are tailor made to every individual requirement and usage scenario.


The research team atLeBracs Rubber draws on a wealth of professional experience spanning the fields of corrosion and abrasion resistance lining in the various industries, and a well-equipped laboratory to test/develop the product. This expertise helps us to continue delivering a consistent stream of innovative new products in rubber products in diverse areas of chemical processing, mining, water treatment and other industries.


  • Oscillating disc rheometer
  • Tensile testing machine 5000N
  • DIN abrader machine
  • Electronic density meter
  • Mooney viscosity meter
ISO Certified
Certificate of Registration

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