Smart LeBracs

Lebracs Rubber has designed and developed a line of the rubber hose to meet the following Industry specifications:

  • Slurry Handling Hoses.
  • Dredging Hoses.
  • Acid Transfer Discharge Hoses / Vacuum Hoses.

Slurry Handling Hoses: Slurry handling hoses are used in the mineral processing industry, coal refinement plants, steel and cement industries and other applications where high wear resistance combined with flexibility and vibration reduction are required.

Dredging Hoses: The dredging hoses are specially designed to deliver optimal suction or discharge in heavy duty dredging. The robust construction is able to handle the harshest materials including the corroding effects of marine applications and slurries.

Acid Transfer Discharge Hoses / Vacuum Hoses: These rubber hoses are specially designed for different service conditions and to withstand positive and negative pressures, as well as high temperature application.

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