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general storage guidelines


1 Rubber Lined vessels should be stored between delivery and use, away from sunlight, heat and seasonal weathering.

2 Vessels lined with flexible linings may be stored outdoors, provided that the vessels are protected with suitable protective ply covers or tarpaulin, and are not subjected to extreme or sudden temperature changes.

3 Provisions should be made to allow air to circulate under the protective cover. Do notstore tanks close to ozone producing sources.

4 Hard and semi-hard rubber lined equipment must be protected and stored preferably indoors and should not be subjected to cold climatic conditions. Hard rubber becomes brittle when exposed to cold temperatures and there is a danger that thermal stresses may introduce cracking.

5 Tanks that can be stored indoors, should have all openings covered and stored away from steam pipes or other high temperature sources.

6 Rubber lined vessels that need to be stored for longer periods of time may be protected by filling with a medium, as recommended by LeBracs Rubber.

7 Rubber lined vessels that have been stored for long periods of time should be closely inspected before being used in service.


Rubber is a combustible material. Once ignited, rubber lining may burn rapidly and release toxic fumes. To avoid serious injury or damage to property, caution should be exercised to prevent contact between the rubber lining and any flames, sparks, or other sources of ignition. The user should avoid bringing welding or cutting torches, sparks and open flames, in contact with the rubber lining.

Should it be necessary to perform welding or cutting in rubber-lined areas, such operations should be performed by trained personnel, using non-combustible covers. Trained personnel with firefighting equipment should also be present,to deal with potential problems.

Follow MSDS recommendations, industry safety standards and good fire prevention techniques at all times.

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