• Corrosion-Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
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Why LeBracs Rubber

  • LeBracs Rubber has different formulae for various types of rubber lining, both hot bonding and cold bonding.
  • The factory area of four acres has a large production facility which is integrated for both fabrication and rubber lining.
  • Apart from rubber lining in the factory we also execute ‘On Site’ lining of equipment which are too large to be transported.
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Latest News From LeBracs

  • Products on Offer!

    Contact our Marketing team for all your queries at info@lebracsrubber.com !

  • LeBracs Rubber Lining Turns 30!

  • LeBracs Quality

    LeBracs Quality: Because from ground up every single member of our organization believes in one thing – that in the manufacturing and installation of rubber lined equipment, the quality and the safety of our products are the number one priority. We have always delivered our products above the standard of quality that we promise. This […]

  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)

    LeBracs Rubber has a range of rubber sheets suitable for Lining of tanks in Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) plants such as: Absorbers, Lime Stone Slurry Tanks, Auxiliary Absorber Tanks, Filtrate Tanks, etc. The rubber lining can either be done ‘on-site’ or ‘in house’ at our factory. LeBracs Rubber supplies Carbon Steel Rubber Lined Pipes and […]

  • LeBracs Rubber

    LeBracs Rubber is the largest manufacturer of Rubber Sheets in India, with an Installed capacity of over 300,000m² and over 30 years of experience in different applications of rubber lining. Our factory at Puducherry is integrated for fabrication as well as rubber lining and is certified under the Integrated Management System (IMS) indicating the company’s […]

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LeBracs Rubber Pvt.Ltd | Infrastructure


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