About Us


Why LeBracs Rubber

LEBRACS RUBBER has over 33 years of manufacturing experience and have an integrated facility situated at No 16, Sedarapet, Puducherry , South India.
The factory area of four acres has adequate infrastructure for manufacture of :

  • Various grades of rubber sheets
  • Carbon steel Fabrication of Tanks, Vessels, Pipes and Fittings, Equipment’s
  • Blasting and painting.
  • Rubber sheet application and vulcanisation.
  • Continuous R & D and strict Quality control has ensured that the products meet the relevant National and International Standards.
The products of Lebracs Rubber cater to the requirements in the Anti- corrosion and Anti Abrasion segments. Major Clientele are in the Chlor Alkali, Phosphatic, Water treatment, Desalination, Mineral Processing, Dredging Industries and EPC's in the Power Sector.
Lebracs Rubber international Clientele are in the MiddleEast, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey etc
Lebracs Rubber has a team of qualified professionals at all levels with years of experience in this field, thereby ensuring manufacture of quality products.